My Unicorn Pregnancy And What I Do On The Daily

Hello all who have decided to take time out of their day to sit down and read this. Let me introduce myself quickly to provide a little context before we get into the nitty gritty of this post. My name is Lacy and I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with my first baby; a baby boy! I’m 25 years old and live in Phoenix, Arizona with my husband and two super cute kitties.

As you’ve probably read from the title of this post, I am fortunate to be experiencing what many would refer to as a “unicorn” pregnancy. A pregnancy that has provided very little in terms of complications or discomforts. I have yet to experience constipation, morning sickness/nausea, fatigue, or really any of the negativities that typically come with pregnancy. Because so many experience quite the opposite during their pregnancies I wanted to take the opportunity to share what I did and what I’ve been doing in hopes that maybe it can help someone else find a little comfort or relief. Before I start, I would like to preface this by saying I am in no way, shape, or form a doctor and I am certainly not saying that I have found the magic cure to pregnancy ailments. I would simply like to share what my day to day routine looks like with the idea that maybe there’s something I’m doing that you may not be doing. Perhaps a combination of sorts that may be the perfect cocktail to provide relief or to make things a little easier. I would also like to say that most of these things are representative of my lifestyle. I did not start doing these things in the hopes that they would make for an easier pregnancy. These are things I did prior to pregnancy and things that I will continue to do long after my pregnancy has ended. Finally, I would also like to say that it is entirely possible that none of these things have contributed to my unicorn pregnancy. It’s absolutely possible that I just won the pregnancy lotto and my pregnancy would’ve been easy regardless of what I did or didn’t do. Now with all that said, let’s get started.

First and foremost I would like to talk about prenatal vitamins. I’ve heard many women say that their prenatal vitamin was the culprit behind their morning sickness, constipation, and other discomforts. When choosing my prenatal vitamin I wanted to make sure I wasn’t shorting myself. In my mind that meant spending a little more for what I thought was a better vitamin. After some research and a little due diligence I purchased the Rainbow Light Prenatal One vitamin. It was highly rated on Amazon and was in the top 10 on $40.00 per bottle was a difficult pill for me to swallow (ha!) but hey, this was my first baby and I wanted to do my absolute best to ensure he came out as healthy as possible. Now what I didn’t notice about these vitamins when I purchased them was their claim to be “non-constipating.” I had already been taking them for a few months before I even noticed this claim plastered across the front of the bottle and to be honest, I scoffed when I read it. After all, I tend to lean on the side of skepticism when it comes to these types of claims. However, after thinking back on my first few months of pregnancy, I realized that I never actually had an issue with constipation. Maybe there was something to these vitamins. Again, I’m not saying these vitamins are the holy grail, but maybe their claim isn’t too farfetched after all. I also take my prenatal vitamin at night. I do this purely because it works better with my daily routine but I like to think taking it at night versus the morning possibly contributed to my lack of morning sickness and nausea in the first trimester.

Onto diet and exercise. One thing I absolutely am consciously aware of and make sure I keep up on is my water intake. I drink a ton of water and typically did so even before becoming pregnant. On average I make sure to drink a minimum of 88 oz of water a day. I whole heartedly believe that keeping up your water intake, pregnant or not, does have a positive affect on your health. My diet is really nothing special. In fact, I like to equate my diet to that of a 5 year old child and by that I mean I typically like to stick to junk foods like pizza, chips, or anything of the like. That said, I don’t really have a high sugar diet and I tend to stay away from sweets like cake, ice cream, and cookies simply out of preference. Throughout my pregnancy I’ve stuck to my regular foods as I didn’t really experience any weird cravings. In addition, I was (and still am) very conscious of how much I’m eating. Prior to becoming pregnant I had been tracking my calories to lose weight using MyFitnessPal for the past 3 years. I decided to keep up with calorie counting during pregnancy because I didn’t want my eating to get out of control and I wanted to ensure I stayed within the healthy weight gain range set by my doctor. I made sure to keep my calories within the recommended 2,000-2,200 a day. I know a lot of women use pregnancy as an excuse to over eat and, pregnant or not, overeating is almost never beneficial. In addition to diet, my exercise regime stayed relatively the same as well. Although I wouldn’t consider myself the patron saint of fitness prior to pregnancy, I was fairly active and an overall healthy individual. My pre-pregnancy workout consisted mostly of running, however, the discovery of a cyst on my left ovary left me with strict orders to pursue a lower-impact workout. During the first trimester I did the BodyFit by Amy prenatal cardio workout on YouTube to supplement until I got the all clear to start running again. I work out every other day, sometimes every third day, and I plan to keep that up until birth or until my body says no more. As of right now I’ve had no issues (knock on wood!).

Last but not least I want to touch on sleeping habits and minimizing stress. I also want to preface this by saying I am well aware that what I’m about to say is 100% unrealistic for some women during pregnancy but I figure it’s worth mentioning because I know there are other women in my position. I’ll start by saying my husband and I are extremely fortunate in that he has a well-paying job that allows me to not work. When I found out I was pregnant I decided to quit my job and focus all of my attention on this pregnancy and staying healthy. The job I had prior to pregnancy was extremely stressful and was already taking quite a toll on my mental health. I knew well in advance that I did not want to continue working there while pregnant and my husband was totally on board with that. I am fortunate and I know this. I firmly believe that had I stayed and worked this job throughout my pregnancy I may not have faired so well. I think the stress would’ve had a negative affect on me and my baby and I’m certain my pregnancy would’ve presented more issues. Because I don’t work, I’m also able to ensure I get an appropriate amount of sleep. It’s certainly possible to get a good nights sleep while working but I know for myself it was much more difficult having to discipline myself and force myself to go to sleep earlier in order to get my full eight hours and still wake up at my usual time. I truly believe that the amount of sleep you get has an impact on your physical well being, especially during pregnancy.

I’ll end this by reiterating that I am NOT a doctor. I have no proof that what I’m doing directly affects the state of my pregnancy and it’s entirely possible that I’m just one of the lucky ones. Having said that, there’s no harm in trying. I can’t recall who said it but I remember hearing once that if you want what someone else has, be that health, money, status, etc., do what they do. Perhaps a simple change in routine is all it would take to find a little bit of relief.


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