28 Week Update

How Far Along
28 weeks 3 days

Size of Babe
2.20 lbs. Baby is the size of an eggplant.

Mild heartburn, occasional achy hip (my legs are slightly disproportioned and gave me grief pre-pregnancy so this was pretty unavoidable), a lot of burping!

Comfy, stretchy clothes (“athleisure” if you will), watching baby boy break it down in my womb, baby gear shopping, junk food (although that’s pretty par for the course for me).

Wearing actual clothes, getting out of bed (damn hip!), relentless heartburn, preparing to move out of state and finding a new doctor.

Belly Button
Large and stretched but still very much an innie.

Baby boy loves breaking it down all day, every day. His movements are much more varied now and range from kicking and punching to rolling and “vibrating.” I love all of his little (and huge!) movements except when he decides to jam his foot up into my rib cage. I could do without that.

Maternity Clothes
I’m currently wearing a mixture of maternity and non-maternity clothes. My shorts are all maternity now, however, I’ve been living in yoga capris and sweatpants that are normal size. I seem to be rotating pretty evenly between my maternity and non-maternity tops however.

Best Part of the Week
My husband was offered a really great job!

Worst Part of the Week
I had my glucose test on Wednesday and I’ve been waiting anxiously for the results. They’re really taking their time getting back to me! I also now have the added stress of finding a new doctor late in the game because we’re moving due to husband’s new, awesome job. We’ll make it work though!

Missing Most
Not having heartburn. Seriously, it’s getting old.

Can’t Wait For
Our 4D ultrasound and getting my glucose test results.

Credit for this update layout goes to I may have stolen it from her and modified it ever so slightly.


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