Unpleasant Pregnancy Symptoms I Wasn’t Expecting

In coordination with a previous post I made about unexpected, positive pregnancy symptoms, I wanted to make a dedicated post about some of the symptoms I’ve experienced that are unexpected but also unpleasant.

1. Dry nasal passages

Seriously, this can fuck right off. I’ve been dealing with this since day one and it’s probably one of the most frustrating and uncomfortable symptoms I’ve had this whole pregnancy. I also already live in an extremely dry area so I feel like I’m really doubling down on my poor sinuses. I have a humidifier that I’m heavily dependent on at night and I occasionally resort to shoving globs of Vaseline up my nose or sticking my head under the sheets to create a mini sauna with my breath to help moisten things up. I’ll admit, it has forced me to get creative with problem solving.

2. Leg cramps

These bastards are the product of Satan. Being woken up at the crack of dawn to your calf muscle trying to obliterate itself is something I can honestly say I did not expect to experience this pregnancy but, none-the-less, here we are.

3. Relentless and uncontrollable burping

Don’t get me wrong, I burped quite a lot before I was pregnant (my husband can attest to that), but we’re on a whole other level now. Sure it was kind of humorous at first but now it’s just ridiculous.

4. Throat tickles

I honestly have no idea if this is pregnancy related but it sure as hell has been a much bigger issue since I found out I was pregnant. Every few days I get random throat tickles that send me into coughing fits or, at the very least, cause me a lot of discomfort. In fact, I’m hacking my way through one as I write this.

5. Blotchy patches of skin

I mentioned in my “When Pregnancy Decides To Throw You A Bone” post that my acne has cleared up and my skin is fantastic. This is still true and I’m stoked about it, however, I have developed some really awesome, blotchy, skin patches underneath both armpits. Fortunately they’re not painful or uncomfortable but they are unsightly and I wouldn’t mind if they just went away.


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