29 Week Update

How Far Along
29 weeks 2 days

Size of Babe
2.54 lbs. Baby is the size of an acorn squash.

Persistent heartburn, leaky boobs, constant burping (still!).

The shape my belly is taking on, kickboxing workouts, stretchy yoga pants (yep, still rocking them!).

Packing for our move, heartburn, my awesome cold sore (gift from Satan).

Belly Button
Still just a stretched out innie.

Baby boy is still preparing for his professional soccer career and is kicking around at all hours of the day. I started doing kick counts for the lolz and he busted out his 10 in about 30 seconds. This morning he was kind enough to wake me up by jamming his head into my cervix. Lord help me if this is a sign of things to come…

Maternity Clothes
No changes here. I’m still wearing my usual mix of maternity and regular-sized clothing and plan to do so until it becomes physically impossible to squeeze my fat ass into them.

Best Part of the Week
I was able to schedule with my first choice of doctor in our new city without any issues. I also passed my glucose test!

Worst Part of the Week
Packing for our move.

Missing Most
I really miss not having dry nasal passages. If you read my “Unpleasant Pregnancy Symptoms I Wasn’t Expecting” post you’ll know I’ve been dealing with this unholy symptom since day one!

Can’t Wait For
4D ultrasound!


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